Better communications with spelling and grammar check

Dr. MayorgaBy Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

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When preparing a paper for a journal or writing a presentation you need to focus not only on content but also on grammar and spelling.

Most word processors and browsers have a spell checker built in and also make some recommendations on grammar.

If you want to really polish your work, specially if English is not your first language try “Grammarly”.

Take a look at the video below.

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PowerPoint: Hidden tricks in the right button of your mouse

Dr. MayorgaBy Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

Learn how to use a laser pointer, draw on your slides, highlight text and zoom in, in your PowerPoint presentations

Watch the presentation below

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Getting “a little help from our friends”

Dr. AlazardBy Dr. Gerónimo Alazard.

Smartphone based apps have become great job aids for the workplace, and ophthalmology is not an exception. You can find more than 200 apps related to our specialty.

These apps cover different aspects of our daily work such as visual acuity testing, tools for patient education, searching knowledge bases and calculation tools.

One of the most useful applications is Eye Hand Book. With it we can access discussion forums, video databases, guidelines for common diseases, eye atlas, patient symptoms simulators, Amsler grids, color-vision test, contrast sensitivity test, duo-chrome test, fluorescent light, nearby vision test, fixation card, pediatric optotypes and 4 dot Worth test among others.

We can also find calculators such as the Glaucoma Risk Calculator, IOL Calculator (SRK I and SKR II), IOP-CCT Calculator, SIAC (for Induced Astigmatism calculation, courtesy of Dr. Warren Hill), Toric Calculator (Acrysof Toric Calculator).

Sharing this tool with your residents can help make their life easier.

You can find this app in the Apple and Android stores.

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The content you need, at the tip of your finger

Dr. MayorgaBy Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

In today’s world it´s not about keeping data in your head but about accessing it when you need it. In ophthalmology daily practice you may need to access information to help you make better decisions.

The Preferred Practice Patterns of the AAO is a good example of this. Many times we do not look up information, because it takes us time to get to it.

In this post we will guide you on how to add links on the home screen of you phone, so you can access your favorite sources with just one click .

Watch this video if you have an Android phone

Watch this video if you have an Iphone,

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