Why online asynchronous courses?

Dr. Mayorga
By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

Teaching does not imply learning. If we comparare traditional face to face courses with online asynchronous courses we will see that traditional face to face courses usually only focus on the ‘transference” phase. This means the teacher speaks the learners listen with little or no interactivity. For learning to happen our courses should also focus on the “processing” phase, where learners incorporate, process, store, retrieve and practice, applying the new knowledge or skills to real life scenarios.

Online asynchronous courses allows us to change a teaching experience into a learning experience by adding activities and resources that favor the “processing” phase such as pretests, multimedia presentations, documents with text with graphics, mind maps, discussion forums, scenarios, assessments and continuity over (time because learners can come back to the course as needed after they finish it.)

You will be able to find a more detailed discussion clicking on this link.

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