Build your own DIO

Dr. Mayorga
By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

In this post, we will show an inexpensive way to build your own DIO (Digital indirect Ophthalmoscope) with parts you can order online.

The DIO is a useful tool for teachers to video record what they see in the fundus and then show and explain it to their learners. Also for learners to record what they see on their own, and then show it to their teachers.

The DIO has been described by several authors in the past. References can be found in the poster published by Guillermo Monteoliva, Gabriela Saidman, and col., which you can find in this link.

The main problems Guillermo and Gabriela had building the prototypes were the flexible arm and its attachment to the helmet and the camera.

Based on these needs, their previous experiences and some parts I use when recording GoPro videos, we came up with the prototype you can see in the video below.

The GoPro arm and attachments can be bought in any GoPro store. The phone holder can be ordered at this link. Phone holder

* I have no financial interest to disclose.

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