Embedding a web site in a PowerPoint presentation

Dr. Mayorga
By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

Many times, during a PowerPoint presentation you may want to show a live web page.

What we usually do is create a hyperlink that opens a browser and you must leave the PowerPoint presentation to show it.

A more elegant way to do this would be to embed the website in your presentation.

The standard PowerPoint does not allow this. For embedding a web page, you need to download an add-in from the Microsoft App Source. I use “Web Viewer”. You can get it clicking here

Watch the video below to see how to do it. Then, keep on reading.

Some tips to remember:

  • Make sure you embed only a secure site (https://) and that all the pages you are going to navigate to are secure. Test it all at home.
  • Make sure you will have an Internet connection where you will be presenting.
  • Be prepared for the Internet connection failing. For this,
    a. capture screen images of the pages you want to show and add them to your presentation
    b. Hide the pages so they will not show in case everything goes well
    c. If things fail when you test on site, hide the slide with the embed site and unhide the screen captures.

Now, go ahead and try it. Good luck.

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