Narrated Feedback for Formative and Summative Assessment

Dr. Mayorga
By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

The best and easiest way to give feedback to a learner on his or her work is to sit down together, review the work and give the feedback. The problem is matching learners and teacher time. This is why most of the time we give written feedback. Written feedback, is very time consuming and usually, it is not as rich in details as when you do it face to face.

A workaround to this is using recorded feedback. A personal example of this is when I review the PowerPoint presentations residents send me before presenting at meetings. As I go through the slides I record the screen using Screecast-o-matic ( and make my comments. In this way, I am able to point to different parts of the slides and make my comments as if we were together. When finished I can upload the video or send it as an attachment.article we are linking to.

If you were reviewing written work you could use your phone camera or audio recording software to record your feedback.

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