Getting a full screen Youtube video with no links at the end

Dr. Mayorga
By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

Many times you upload videos to YouTube to which you link to. If you use the link YouTube gives you your video runs inside a YouTube page, with other videos around it and at the end more links to videos are shown. Even if you use the “embed” code, at the end you are offered more videos.

See below how you can modify your link so your video runs full page with no videos around or at the end.

Following is the link that shows at the top of your browser when you use the link YouTube gives you.
Try it now:

Following is the link that will give you a full screen with no videos at the end.
Try it now:

In red I show the parts I took away from the original link

In blue I show the parts I added to the new link

Now you can try it with one of your videos

Good luck!

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