Getting feedback from your learners and colleagues.

Dr. MayorgaBy Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

To become better teachers we need to measure how we are doing. For this, we can collect feedback from our learners and colleagues.

In our department, every time we give a lecture, we request attendants to fill an online form, which they can do from their cell phones or laptops.

Many software can do this job. One of the easiest to use is “Google Forms”.

Creating and using these forms has 3 main steps

    1. Creating the question
    2. Creating the form
    3. Creating a short link to the form to give to the attendants

1) Creating the questions

There are many questions you can add to your form, and different ways in which you can phrase them.

I like using statements that describe a desired condition, performance or attitude and ask participants to state how much they agree with them, giving the following choices.

□ Strongly Agree □ Agree □ Neutral □ Disagree □ Strongly Disagree

Some examples of questions you can make are:

    1. The instructor was well prepared for class.
    2. The instructor provided clear learning outcomes.
    3. The instructor presented subject matter clearly.
    4. The instructor presented concepts in a logical, sequential manner.
    5. The instructor made effective use of examples or demonstrations.
    6. I will be able to apply the content to my daily work

2) Creating the form

For creating a form, watch the following tutorial

3) Create a short URL

Google Forms usually have a long url that is difficult to type correctly into a phone. Watch the following tutorial to learn how to do this.

If you have any questions, right directly to me at

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