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Dr. MayorgaDr. Anthony Vipin Das
is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at the L V Prasad Eye Institute, India and was named among the TR35 2012 by MIT.

The Author has NO Financial Interest in any of the products mentioned in this article.

Hundreds of Things to do Lists, Checklists, Projects and managing teams in all of them can be a Nightmare. Not any more! Say Hello to TRELLO! I have been introduced to this wonderful application by my cousin who works in the IT Corporate sector and I must say it is an amazing tool to keep track of progress on all your work. It took me a few hours to understand the logic behind the cards and it became so simple to then classify all my work.

Lets take a Step by Step tour of the Application.

Trello can be accessed at –

Step 1 – Sign Up

Step 2 – Verify your Email Address

You will receive a verification Email from TRELLO and you need to click that to be able to see the Boards that are shared with you.

Step 3 – Make a note of your Trello ID

Your ID can be found beside your name in the Profile Page. This ID is used by others to search your name to be able to add you to their boards.
Ex: @anthonyvipindas

Step 4 – Access Dashboard

All your Dashboards are arranged in an order and you can also STAR them to access the most important ones immediately.

Step 5 – Create your Project

You can create Cards as follows – To Do, Doing and Done. And the BEST part is you can transfer the Cards conveniently between different verticals to see the progress or pending work. So a card or task can move from To do – Doing – Done!

Step 6 – Managing Cards

Each Card has many features that pack a punch! I will list the most important ones below. They will appear on the left once a card is clicked.

Adding Members – You can assign members to different tasks on a card.

Adding priority – Labels can be placed on the Cards to indicate Urgency or Status

Add Calendar – You can keep deadlines for tasks by using the Calendar and have the countdown to completion.

Add attachments – One of the best features is to link documents either from the Hard Drive, Smart Phone, Google Drive and also from Dropbox!

You can also add Photographs as attachments in the Cards.

A sample Dashboard can be found below.

TRELLO packs a punch in a small App on the phone as well. All the dashboards are synced seamlessly between the web and app. I am sure you will find it as a great addition to co-ordinate your work and projects with each and every member in the team. The interface which enables you to see the entire progress in one screen makes it one of the best task management apps today. And its FREE for individuals!

Happy TRELLOing!

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