How can I edit a PDF file?

Dr. MayorgaBy Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

Portable Document Format is an example of how our lives are made easier by technology. PDF is known as the best format for sending electronic documents to colleagues and friends, and it ensures that our files do not lose their formatting when opened on different computers.

The problem starts when you want to edit the file you get in PDF. Adobe Reader, the free PDF reader, does not allow you to edit these files.

Today, many programs can help you edit PDF files.

The first one I want to mention is “Word 2013”, from Microsoft´s Office suite. If you do not have this version or need some features Word may not have, at this link you can find a review of many PDF editors.

One software that is not in the review and that you may want to check is “Able2Extract”. You can download a free trial here.

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