Open Source 3D Printing and beyond in Ophthalmology!

PhotoDr.Anthony Vipin Das
is a Consultant Ophthalmologist at the L V Prasad Eye Institute, India and was named among the TR35 2012 by MIT.

The 3D printing revolution has gripped the World today and the concept of MAKING has been taking to a whole new level. Today you can order a 3D printer or buy it in a Super Market. It is bringing the Creative Potential of everyone to the forefront and the largest collection of 3D printable objects is Open Source and can be found at I have been dabbling in this arena recently from a DIy workshop we organized with the MIT Media Lab, you can find more details of this at and out of it came the LVPEI-MITRA Innovation Center.

Ganesh Babu J (Faculty Optometrist) and myself at the L V Prasad Eye Institute had been thinking of a simple solution that will solve the problem of capturing Images in the clinic. We knew that Smart phones today are equipped with the most powerful cameras and also they are accessible to everyone today. We needed to create a tool that is portable, inexpensive and more importantly should reach every Ophthalmologist around the world and we knew the answer was in Open Source 3D Printing.

We launched the GANANT Open Source Initiative that had a single vision of bringing simple and effective solutions to the Ophthalmology clinic and we designed a Slit Lamp Camera Adapter to start with. An adapter that is Universal for a specific Slit Lamp and a Phone case that can be customized to any phone. We designed models currently for an iPhone and Sony Xperia, more are on the way. It can click amazing pictures and also record video based on the Phone and adding it with Apps like CAMERA AWESOME is really amazing.

You can find out more about the Initiative at –

Download your Slit Lamp Camera Adapter for 3D printing at –

Stay tuned for more in the pipeline, we do have cool ideas up our sleeve!

Numerous possibilities opened up once we made it Open Source as we are seeing Ophthalmologists from around the world download and experiment with this. That is the true joy of Innovation. We believe that Open Source and sharing in our Community will open wonderful opportunities and collaborations in the time to come.

We are excited to see this transform into a beautiful Educational Tool both to record and also ignite the minds of young Ophthalmologists to learn the subject more interestingly because a Picture is worth a thousand words! Bringing Technology into Teaching and Learning through Open Source 3D Printing! Suggestions and Comments most welcome at

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  1. helena filipe says:

    Dear Dr. Vipin,
    As usually a Great Idea and a Great Explanation!
    Especially for those fanatic as I am, who love to compulsively collect our “best” clinical cases.
    Where can we obtain the device?

    Many thanks
    Helena Filipe

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