Getting input from the audience using SMS messages.

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

In several of our past posts we talked about how to electronically interact with the audience using ARS systems or web based software like “Socrative”, but what happens if you do not have the ARS system or a Internet data connection.  In this case you can use SMS messaging from the participants to your phone. We will show you in this post how to make these messages visible on your PC screen for all participants to see the questions and answers.

For this we use “MightyText” this software works only on Android. It seems that Iphones do not allow to share the sms messaging with other devices. If you know of a similar product that works on Iphones, please let us know.

To use “MightyText” you need to install an app in your phone and an add in for Google Chrome.

Once both are working you can ask the audience open ended questions and the can answer through their cell phones. The answers will popup on the bottom left side of your presentation as you see in the next image.

If you do not want the messages to popup, you can change the settings a show the answers on the “MightyText” screen as shown on the next image.

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