Adding apps to Google Drive

Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

In the past we posted on how we used Google documents and spreadsheets to work collaboratively with our residents.
The complete block of applications was known as “Google Docs” and has recently changed its name to “Google Drive”
Now, besides the traditional word processor, spreadsheets and presentation you can create and edit, online, many other file types.
When you enter “Google Drive”, you can see a red button on the left that allows you create the traditional files.
When you click on “Create”, the traditional options appear.

At the bottom of it you get and option that says: “Connect more apps”. When you click on it, you can add more apps that will create different files that you can share on Google Drive, and edit online with those you share them with.

I have found especially useful “Mind Meister” a concept map software. Once you include any new app they will appear in your menu when you click on “Create”

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