PowerPoint slideshow in a window

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

Last month we posted on how to use “Socrative” to make your lectures interactive. But how can you get to show, simultaneously, in the same screen a PowerPoint slideshow and the response screen? You may think: “Impossible, the PowerPoint slideshow  launches full screen and you cannot share the screen”. Well, you are half right. PowerPoint  by default, launches full screen but there is a way to change this and share your screen as we show in the image below.

To run a PowerPoint slide show in a window you must go to the “Slide Show” tab, click on it, then click on “Set up show”. A window will popup, click on “Show in a window”.
Resize the window as shown above and fit “Socrative”´s window by its side.
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  1. wafaa moustafa says:

    Thanks for this trick

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