Following up on your students and yourself. (For Gmail users)

As a teacher you probably use email to communicate with your learners. Some of the things you may use it for are assigning tasks, ask questions, answer questions and request homework delivery among others.

Please see if any of the following apply to you:

  • You send a question or request a task, you get no immediate answer, and you forget about it until several weeks later (If you ever remember)
  • Your inbox is cluttered with emails you have to take action on the future, but not today or even this week.
  • You send yourself an email to remind you on something you must do in the future and it starts going down in your inbox. By the day you should be reminded, it is so down in your inbox that you don´t even see it.
  • If you answered yes to any of the previous situations and you use Gmail, then “Boomerang” can come to the rescue.

    With “Boomerang” you will be able to be reminded to follow up on tasks you gave others, receive reminders of your own tasks the day you need to do them and clean your inbox of mails you must take action in the future, having them appear in your inbox the day you need them there.

    To learn more about “Boomerang” watch the following video.

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