Publishing Documents as Magazines

By Dr. Helena Felipe

Issuu, is a digital
publishing platform that enables users to upload their authoring
files featured as PDF and then have them published online ready to be
“manipulated” as a journal.

We can have them all
propped up in a personal shelf and share them with our own learning

We just have to
create an account and once logged in it will be possible to upload as
many files as we wish for free using the basic account features which
are pretty much enough to accomplish what we have been describing.

When uploading
documents we will be invited to provide their description and to
define our target audience.

The basic account
brings extra advertisements with it, usually related to our published
topic and only allows printed material over payment.

After selecting the
uploaded publication from the shelf we can then open it and view it
interactive, page by page or selecting the specific pages in the
timeline bellow.

Publications can be
downloaded, printed and shared using direct e-mails or/and social
networks as facebook and twitter. There is already an app to use this
tool with smartphones, making our documents ready to read on the go.
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