Learning by Playing

By Helena Filipe

Quizlet http://quizlet.com/ is a free learning tool allowing users to learn from sets of flash cards presenting a broad range of subjects including ophthalmology.

Learning content is organized in a set of thematic cards displaying as a slide show. Educators and learners can both benefit from creating their own set of cards on their topic of interest and also search in the site´s data base for a set containing their preferred studying subject.
An account should be created and by clicking on the home page button “ Create Set” you achieve the former and by clicking on the button “Find Sets” you got on to the latter. An excellent example of an already published set is “Ophthalmology Melanoma Flash Cards” set http://quizlet.com/8905805/uveal_melanoma-flash-cards/
elegantely created by Prof. Bertil Damato.

Content is built according to the rationale involving very clear definitions for specific questions (terms). Learning facts, processes and also concepts can be facilitated using smart an accurate flash cards content.

This free tool based on the Web allows interactive learning as a single learner as well as in a group of learners sharing similar goals. Work can be scalable also by sharing teaching/learning material in social networks as Face book and Twitter.
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