Get the big picture with Prezi

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

PowerPoint is the most popular presentation tool used for teaching. It is usually used for linear presentations. Sometimes you may need to be able to show the big picture of a project, process, concept or other complex ideas and at the same time go into smaller detail while clearly showing it’s relation to the whole and it’s other parts. PowerPoint is not very good for this.

Prezi can be a better tool for developing these kind of presentations. With it you can:

  • Zoom in, out and around the prezi canvas to visualize your ideas.
  • Import PowerPoint slides, images, videos, YouTube videos, PDFs, etc.
  • Present online or download and show your prezi offline.
  • Collaborate in real-time, across the room or across time zones.

Use with caution. You audience may end up dizzy.  🙂

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