More on sharing presentations online

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

On past posts we talked about software that would help you setup your lectures online. We covered free web-based software such as “AuthorStream” and computer based such as “Articulate Presenter” and “Snap” by Lectora.

The last 2, even though more powerful than the first require you have a website to post your lectures and are not free.

Today we want to draw your attention to “Brainshark” a powerful web-based software that allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations, add audio to them, edit online, customize the table of contents and much more.

When building courses with other team members “Brainshark” has the advantage that it immediately allows you to share your presentation with the group, get feedback and make changes on the fly without having to download and upload your presentation every time. Want to add a slide or update a previous presentation: no problem! you do it all online.

Brainshark brings also some other paid features.

Take a look at the following video to learn more about Brainshark

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