Editing videos with the YouTube editor

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga
Videos are an excellent tool for teaching and learning. In one of our past posts we described how our residents use video segments of their own surgeries to reflect on them and share them with their fellow residents.
Usually resident surgery may take a long time and may require a lot of editing to keep the desired segments.
Video editing software can be expensive and difficult to use. What I like to use is the combination of 2 free software products. “Machete” and “YouTube Video Editor”.

I usually use “Machete” for a first trimming of the video segments (YouTube does not allow uploading more than 15 minutes footage) and then finish the fine editing with “YouTube Video Editor”. If wanted, you could do all the editing with “Machete”. “Machete” has a paid version for less than 20 dollars that adds some more features to it. You can find instructions on how to use “Machete” clicking here

Regarding how to use the “YouTube Video Editor” you can go to the “Help” page clicking here and also watch the video tutorial below.

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