Taking handwritten notes on your tablet.

Taking notes at lectures is one way we will be able to bring back ideas and concepts to enhance our medical practice. Using traditional pen and paper does not allow you to keep all your notes with you at all times.
Taking handwritten notes with an electronic device is as easy as using paper and pen, but allows you to keep your notes always with you and share them through email.

On today’s post I will comment on devices that use Android as their operating system. On my next post I will comment on software that can be used on an Ipad.

Even though the following software is better suited for tablets, it can also be used on Android phones.

Genial Writing allows you to share memos with friends through email, other messages and facebook. You can customize your pen width and color and decide if you want to use portrait or landscape orientation. You can copy and paste between notes as well. There are 12 kinds of notebooks, you shake your phone to delete something and lastly you can insert pictures from your phone. You can do OK with the free version but the inexpensive paid version adds some features.

Bellow you can  see a short demo. In the demo, a cursor is used for writing, but on you tablet or smartphone you can use your finger or a rubber pointed pen.


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