More on posting your conferences to the web

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga

On a previous post we showed you ways to post your presentations with audio to the web. In that post we covered “AuthorStream”, a free but rather limited web based software and “Articulate” , probably today´s gold standard for developing web presentations, quizzes and interactions but that comes with a high price tag.

Today we would like to draw your attention to “Snap” by Lectora.

“Snap” allows you to convert your presentation to a Flash format so that  you can upload it for web viewing. The software allows you to insert videos, interactions and quizzes. It integrates into PowerPoint where it adds a tab at the top menu of PowerPoint.

Having  similar features to Articulate, it’s price is, at this time, 10 times lower.  “Articulate” carries some fine tuning features that “Snap” doesn’t, but “Snap” can be an very good option if you have budget constrictions.

Those interested in building and sharing lectures with other residencies programs may be also interested in learning about the “Web Based Teaching” course project that we believe will be finished by the end of this year.

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