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Managing Content in the Web 3.0 era

How to keep current using RSS feeds By Helena Filipe The latest response of technology to our needs to find and organize information is the so called semantic, data Web or Web 3.0. This kind of artificial intelligence extracts meaning … Continue reading

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Following up residents’ assignments

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga Haven’t you found yourself giving assignments to residents or coworkers through email and realize weeks or months latter that these assignments were not carried out? If so, how do you deal with them? I used to … Continue reading

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“Making your lectures interactive using the cell phones of attendants”

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga One of the drawbacks of lectures, from the pedagogical standpoint of view, is that they may lack interactivity. If present, you can only have it with a very small portion of the audience. When working with … Continue reading

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Electronic Portfolio using Google Docs Folders

By Eduardo Mayorga A learning portfolio is a collection of products (learning experiences), prepared by the resident, that provides evidence of learning and achievement, related to a learning plan. So the key aspects that are generally recorded in the portfolio … Continue reading

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