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Developing deeper learning with mind maps

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga Today we will review one way you can stimulate deeper learning in your trainees. It is based on using the flipped classroom strategy and mind maps. If you are not familiar with the flipped classroom concept … Continue reading

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Zooming in on images

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga When you show images in your presentations many times small details in them cannot be seen. Watch the first video below to see the effect you can create in PowerPoint to show smaller details. After watching … Continue reading

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Publishing a narrated video-lecture to YouTube with a menu in it

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga In the following video, you will be able to learn how to create a video-lecture that is a PowerPoint presentation with embedded surgical videos, animations, and post it to YouTube. You will also learn how to … Continue reading

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Getting a full screen Youtube video with no links at the end

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga Many times you upload videos to YouTube to which you link to. If you use the link YouTube gives you your video runs inside a YouTube page, with other videos around it and at the end … Continue reading

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