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Publishing a narrated video-lecture to YouTube with a menu in it

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga In the following video, you will be able to learn how to create a video-lecture that is a PowerPoint presentation with embedded surgical videos, animations, and post it to YouTube. You will also learn how to … Continue reading

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Getting a full screen Youtube video with no links at the end

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga Many times you upload videos to YouTube to which you link to. If you use the link YouTube gives you your video runs inside a YouTube page, with other videos around it and at the end … Continue reading

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Random name picker

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga Maintaining attention when lecturing medical students or residents is not easy. One of the ways we capture attention is making our lecture interactive by asking questions. One of the problems we have with this is that … Continue reading

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The concept of chunking

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga Chunking is a concept that when grasped and applied facilitates learning. The following video covers the definition, importance, and examples of chunking and its role in teaching and learning. The video is best seen on a … Continue reading

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