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Embedding a web site in a PowerPoint presentation

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga Many times, during a PowerPoint presentation you may want to show a live web page. What we usually do is create a hyperlink that opens a browser and you must leave the PowerPoint presentation to show … Continue reading

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Easy accents for Spanish words

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga This post will be helpful for teachers from Spanish speaking countries that use notebooks with English keyboards or English speakers that occasionally have to type words in Spanish with accents. This was a problem for me … Continue reading

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Free stock images for your presentations

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga Ten websites to get free images to use in your presentations. Take a look at this link where CG Garcia reviews ten websites where you can download images to use in your presentation: The review … Continue reading

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Narrated Feedback for Formative and Summative Assessment

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga The best and easiest way to give feedback to a learner on his or her work is to sit down together, review the work and give the feedback. The problem is matching learners and teacher time. … Continue reading

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