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The concept of chunking

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga Chunking is a concept that when grasped and applied facilitates learning. The following video covers the definition, importance, and examples of chunking and its role in teaching and learning. The video is best seen on a … Continue reading

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Transforming a face-to-face meeting into a continuous and more effective learning experience.

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga Summary This post presents the limitations medical meetings and congresses have regarding their impact in learning. It presents different ways of enhancing effectivity and reach of meetings. Finally it presents some pros and cons of the … Continue reading

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Learn a little bit every day

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga The Teaching Professor Tips app delivers a daily teaching tip to your smartphone or tablet. Brief and to the point, each tip provides a nugget of practical wisdom regarding assignment strategies, student engagement, classroom management, grading … Continue reading

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Control your PowerPoint presentation from your phone

By Dr. Eduardo Mayorga Many times you need to give a lecture but you do not want to stand behind the podium to control your presentation. You rather want to walk around the room and still be able to keep … Continue reading

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